TIBETAN MASTIFF is now live on PancakeSwap: Welcome to TMF !

Dear Tibetan Mastiff community,

Our team is working nonstop to complete the token swap that was promised in our Roadmap 2021.

We’re excited to announce that Pancakeswap now supports the $TMF token swap. The following are the details of the $TMF contract:

  1. TMF is the official token name.
  2. The initial total supply of TMF in $TMF will be, of which half will be added to the liquidation and the remaining 50% divided into three parts:
  • 15% goes to Binance Charity (Details)
  • 15% goes to Binance Hotwallet (Details)
  • 20% is burned with time, the Total Amount burned increasing over time.

3. The official contract address: 0x7122f1c0777900b959573132deac9a7209741aa0

Once the other update is posted on Twitter, Facebook and Telegram, the Tibetan Mastiff team will alert the community.

Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff — The trend of the future https://www.tibetanmastiff.io/ #TibetanMastiff #TMF #TMastiff

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